Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Junk Barn ~ It's a New Day at Junk Barn!

Welcome to JUNK BARN

I am SO sorry!  I haven't posted for SO long.  I have been SO busy with the barn that I haven't had time for much of anything. I still don't today but I'm making time.  My last post about the history of Junk Barn explained why my barn shed was built.  At that time I told you how I got started as a picker over 20 years ago and how the barn came to be.  I refer you back to the latter post

   Building of the barn July 25, 2013

I originally intended to use the barn for storage and up to 4 garage sales per year which is allowed where I live. When I saw people wanted to shop here, I began making appointments for junkers to shop the barn garage sales at times and days convenient to them rather than on just that specific day or days of the advertised garage sales.  And so it went...

I continued to buy...

Old Skelly Lollipop sign (sold in my booth)
And buy...

Sold in my booth

And buy...  

Sold in my booth

And sell...

Sold at garage sale (or in my yard)

And sell...

Sold at garage sale

And sell...

Sold at garage sale

Things were going well.  Continuing to stock my booths in Ozark, Mo... continuing on Ebay and Etsy...  

  Used for shelving in my shed

And then, I attended two "barn sales" in these last two weeks. (Insert bucolic music here).  I just love old barns, don't you!?  I never knew there were so many barns until I had my barn storage shed built.  Now I notice every barn and barn storage shed as I drive by.  Sometimes I am out yard sale~ing or picking and am tempted to just get out my cell cam and take images of barns!  But I digress...

Barn on property where we lived in Arkansas

So, as I mentioned I recently attended two "barn sales".  These sales reminded me of what my mission had been in the first place.  I had lost sight of it!  Buy.  Store. Stage. And sell 1 to 4 times per year in garage sales.  I did some reflecting and decided to stop making appointments.
I might just sit back and relax in my glider for a while

Back to the future...  Back to my original idea (planning my work) and on to the future of REALLY only having up to 4 barn sales per year (working my plan).  So this is one of my new year's resolution for 2015.


MY HOPES:  My hopes are that you will follow Junk Barn on Facebook (and Like it) to see treasures that I am picking and sellin my my booth and online.  I will post on the page things that I've found (but not all of them) so you will be surprised if you come to my barn sale. And I will post notices of upcoming sales to be sure.  I will post links of pages and events that junkers might have interest in along with asking some questions from time to time.  I always learn from my junker friends.  I'm happy to receive comments and answer any of your questions as well. Please don't hesitate to private message me on Facebook.  

Thank you for taking a few moments of your valuable time to read my blog.  I can't wait to see you at the next sale!

 Some of my favorite junk

All of the junk is Junk Barn cat approved

Now let's just see if I can stick with my plan!



Monday, March 17, 2014

DIY Light From Vintage Ball Jars and Old Wire Milk Crate

Welcome to Junk Barn and Ozarksfinds.  Some of you have been to my barn garage sales, but I'm sure most of you have not.  I had a pink crystal chandelier hanging in the loft, and garage sale shoppers wanted to buy it.  Finally, I gave in to a garage sale shopper who was excited to scoop it up for the unheard of price of $20.!! 

I knew if I sold it that I was going to have to replace it with something barn worthy.  Then yesterday while browsing Pinterest, I saw just what I needed.  The following is what I made and how I made it.

You will need an old wire milk crate or container of your choice. I chose a crate because I have so many crates that I've taken to calling myself the "crazy crate lady".  Wire crates can be purchased in my booths at Ozark, Mo.  I also have blue Ball jars for sale from time to time there as well.  

Wire crate
Blue Ball Jars with zinc lids
An electric cord with socket (purchased from Ikea or a home improvement store in electrical dept.)  I bought a cord with aluminum shade and removed the shade and clip.
Small Edison light bulb (from home improvement store or online)
Twine (I found mine somewhere for free ~ but that's just me) :)

Turn the crate upside down.  Cut twine in pieces and wrap it around the necks of the jars one at a time and knot on each side. Then screw on the lids to secure the zinc lids to keep the twine from coming off the jars.  Feed jars through the hole at the end of the crate and tie twine ends over the wire at top to secure. See images.  I used this twine method because I didn't want to drill holes in the lids and ruin them.  Also because I like the k.i.s.s. method. 


I took the finished crate with jars to the hook that I was going to hang it on.  I hung it from the hook with vintage galvanized chain.  I found that the light bulb that I originally bought was too big to fit into the crate.  See first image.  So I took it back and exchanged for a smaller bulb.  Feed electrical cord with socket through the top of the crate from the bottom up. After hanging the crate down from the hook, then I screwed the bulb into the socket from inside the crate.  Do not hang the crate from the cord only.  Hang it on the hook by the crate and chain. Voila'!  An upcycled crate light.  I was told that it looks better in person than in the images online. 

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions.  I tried to keep it brief.  I'll answer them as soon as possible.  Happy upcycling, friends.                


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Junk Barn ~ I Was A Picker When Pickin' Wasn't Cool

I Was A Picker When Pickin' Wasn't Cool

I started picking even as a kid.  Not only did I collect rocks and shells from the beach, but I also loved the sparkly rhinestones in costume jewelry. Horror of horrors to any of you jewelry collectors I "picked" the rhinestones out of my mother's and grandmother's Eisenberg and Trifari brooches!  Collecting them in a plastic bag they were so shiny and colorful.  I don't remember getting in trouble for that, but I know I wish I had those brooches intact today.

Trifari pin brooch

I also collected arrow heads, bones, and animal teeth. I won't go into that.  Kind of creepy!  My parents bought and refinished antiques for their own use so I have been around antique furniture and accessories all my life.  

About 20 years ago I started going to yard sales and buying vintage to antique pieces and then selling them to antiques dealers.  That was when I was a true "picker".  From that I progressed to sharing a flea market booth with a friend.  After that I decided it would be better to have my own booth.  That turned into another booth and another booth and another booth.

Lady and cherub tray

I also have had three antiques stores of my own in Arkansas.  At this writing I am selling on eBay, Etsy and in my antiques mall booth. 

Junk Barn

I have quite a few new friends on my Junk Barn Facebook page and would like to explain to them and old friends who really don't know ~ what Junk Barn is and what it isn't.  Junk Barn was an idea that I had.  Here was my idea:


Our home was filling up with antiques, collectibles and junk that I had for re-sale online or in my flea market booth.  It was getting so out of hand that our home was starting to look like a warehouse. I needed more room to store things and to have a garage sale once in a while.  I had garage sales before in our garage, but it had turned into T.G.I.F. (The Garage Is Full)!!  So, I thought why don't we build on a barn storage shed to store my things and get it out of our home?  Then, I could "stage" all the stuff in the barn, and it would look presentable for my occasional garage sale.  We can only have 4 garage sales per year in Hollister where I live.  Then I would also have stuff to take from storage if I needed it to sell online and to fill my flea market booth.

"Brilliant!"  (or so someone exclaimed when I explained my idea to them)

You all know how busy we are these days.  Most people have a full time job or a full time job and then some.  Some people in the Ozarks where I am located could have two or three jobs or more just to make ends meet.  They might also have children, spouses, etc.  So time is a precious thing!  Even when I have a garage sale in the barn shed, they might not be able to come due to their busy schedule.  Or they might live out of town and not be here at garage sale time.  So, I thought why not make it available by appointment at their convenience ~ not just when I have my garage sale, as a service to them.  I buy constantly for my booth and online selling.


The barn is by no means a "store".  It's just a barn shed where I have my occasional garage sales.


So, there you have it!  I'd love for you to visit my Junk Barn Facebook page and "Like" it.  As I am buying I post images of many of my "finds".  And now, as soon as I post this, I'm going picking! UPDATE:  JUNK BARN IS NO LONGER SELLING AT JUNK BARN GARAGE SALES. ALL SALES WILL BE FROM MY TWO ANTIQUES MALL BOOTHS IN OZARK, MO. OR ONLINE.  THANK YOU.  

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Vintage soda pop and milk bottles ~ Treasure Trove

It has been almost one year since I picked a treasure trove of vintage soda pop and milk bottles.  These bottles had been stored for almost 30 years.  I have sold quite a few but still have a lot left!  I have been listing them in my Etsy shop (ozarksfinds) recently.

If you collect vintage soda bottles, milk bottles, jars, etc., you might want to visit my Etsy shop Bottles, Jars section.  You can click the link here or look in the column to the right for my Etsy listings.  I do list one or two occasionally on Ebay as well ~ Seller I.D. "ozarksfinds".

I have many, many more to list online and bottles for sale in my garage sale and in my antiques mall Vendor #100 at Ozark Antique Mall, 200 N. 20th St., Ozark, Missouri.   Please leave a comment if you have any questions.  Junk Barn was built to use for storage and garage sales, but it is "staged" so that everything can be easily seen.  Try to come to our next garage sale.  You'll love it! 

Ozark Antiques Mall, 200 N. 20th, Ozark, Mo.

   Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Vintage Lady Behind The Screen Door 2013 ~ Where To Find Wholesale?

 The mysterious lady behind the screen door

Today I am on a quest, and I was hoping that you might be able to help me find something.  One of my favorite restaurants in Arkansas is shown in the image above.  If you look up near the ceiling near the corner, you will see what appears to be a screen door.

This shabby chic vintage looking screen door is actually not a screen door at all.  It appears to have a lady from the 1920's to 1940's peering our from behind the screen.  It actually doesn't have a screen at all.

I had thought all along that this was an old screen door with screen, and that someone had painted the image of a woman and somehow placed her behind the door.  I tried to find out from employees of the restaurant who had painted her to no avail.

Then months later I was shopping in a flea market in Missouri when I ran into another door exactly like this door in a flea market booth.  Since I was able to see it up close and personal I found that it was a mock door and didn't have screen in it at all!  Now I believe that the doors had been purchased at a trade show somewhere.  Since I can't get the whereabouts of the wholesaler, I am hoping one of you might have seen these doors somewhere for sale.  Yes, the door was for sale in the flea market booth for an exorbitant amount!  The picker in me said "no!" to that price. 

If you know where I can find one wholesale, please leave me a comment.  Even if you read this post months after I post it, I will probably still be looking for it.  I appreciate any help that you can give me.  Thank you so much! UPDATE: FEBRUARY 2015 NEVER MIND ~ I FOUND IT!!